Monday, July 04, 2011

Camotes Island (Cebu) Day 1

Camotes Island is one of the famous places to go to when in Cebu. To go there, one must ride a cab/multicab/bus for 30-40 minutes going to Danao where you will board a boat/roro (200 aircon/180 non-aircon) going to Consuelo. The boatride will take about 1.5-2 hours. Upon arrival at Consuelo, you'll be greeted by habal-habals (motorcycle rides -- their common mode of transport), multicabs and tricycles. We wanted to be accident-free so we eliminated the motorcycles right away. Good thing, there was a tricycle.

Mang Boy -- the local pastor (at least we were guided to a person of integrity and love of God and not just some scumbag). Everyone knew and respected him. It's an added value for us.

We were told that the best resort in Camotes Island is the Mangodlong Resort (things got a bit confusing because this is NOT the resort we're supposed to go.. more of that in the next post). To make it fair to this resort, they got the better bargain of the rock formations and the location. Everything is sooo photogenic.

with Suzie -- we make a pretty good team in adventures ;)

I also found a nice friend to talk to... a male aspin... he's so friendly.

the bean bags add a nice touch of modernity to the shore

the nice sunset

More pics and stories on my next post....


jusap said...

wow! the beach looks great!
must visit!
must visit!

rach said...

pag nag beach ba tayo, magswim ka na? hehehe