Thursday, May 19, 2011

When enough is enough...

I thought it will be easy but...

You gave me overpriced quotes... to make me feel that I had big discounts.

You didn't give me what I needed on time... the quotes, the receipts.

You gave me false hopes... promises to deliver.

I wanted to trust you, to give you more chance as you are also a newbie but sadly, you always give me reasons to doubt the things that you say... which prompts me to countercheck. Sometimes you're correct but sometimes or most of the time, you're not. When confronted, you give excuses.

I sensed it from the start but I wanted to give you a chance so I soldiered on but now I'm down to the last straw. More than the sales, you could have seen me as someone in need of guidance on some these things... and not some cash cow you could milk.

I love the car... I really do... pero hanggang car na lang talaga.

1 comment:

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